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When a vehicle’s back doors are open, Back-Stop’s Tempro curtains retain 100% of the air which has been expensively chilled or frozen – and even when a driver is carrying out a delivery, only 25% of the door needs to be opened.

  • A breakthrough in cost and energy savings for the food and temperature-sensitive delivery sectors
  • Unique header system holds four moveable curtains, creating an outstanding thermal energy barrier, saving enormous costs
  • The twin track, pelmet and double line Tempro curtain system is simple and versatile
  • Available in either a manual or touch button air-compressed configuration
  • Driver-friendly, and easily repaired, replaced or recycled
  • Curtains fitted with Bio-Gard anti-bacterial windows
  • Available as an option for new goods vehicles, or retrofitted

Also available . . . Bus-Stop, which can be manually moved to any position along the length of the vehicle’s interior . . . and Multi-Stop, with curtains opening entirely to the left, or the right.

Technical Specification:

The Back-Stop™ system consists of four movable insulated Tempro® Curtains, two suspended on the front rail and two on the back rail, all fitted on one SMI sliding bar mounted below the truck ceiling.

All four Tempro® curtains are fitted with a window made from clear cold safe PVC to allow outside light into the freezer or chiller space when the curtains are closed.

The curtains can be moved by hand to any position on their track as required. They are held in position by an electro-magnet that requires only 24v DC, and can be released back into their position by a pull handle, button or triggered by the action of a tail lift which releases the electromagnet and allows curtain closure by spring tension.

Back-Stop has been designed to aid day-to-day work of heavy goods vehicle operators who are transporting temperature-controlled goods to distribution hubs or retail outlets.

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